About Us

Sealing not only beautifies stone work, it also protectsTop Notch Hardscape Restoration is the most reliable and professional paver restorer and finishing contractor in Connecticut. Our service includes cleaning, sealing, joint stabilization and protection with the use of a high quality, penetrating sealant.

Paver systems in Connecticut are vulnerable to its harsh seasons. In time, unsealed pavers begin to look worn, faded and dull. Properly restored pavers will renew the surface color and provide a protective barrier from the elements and their damaging effects.

Oil leaks, greasy run-off from outdoor grills, white spots, mold, mildew and algae are tough stains that can be easily removed using our cleaning tools and solvents.

Our 3 Step Process Brings Old Pavers Back to Life!

Read more in-depth about the system and process that let’s us achieve nearly miraculous results on restoring your pavers back to their original color. Read More »

The Top Notch Hardscape Restoration Trailer

The Top Notch Hardscape Restoration Trailer